Multiviewers, monitoring & stream generation

Dualz offers multiple product lines in DVB and OTT domain. Analyzers, monitoring solutions, multiviewers, as well as recording solutions, transcoders, stream gateways and transport stream generators.

24/7 Analysis, monitoring and multiviewer

Do you need live monitoring and analysis of DVB or OTT streams? Our products are the solutions you need. It is of vital importance for broadcasters that programs are aired properly. Our products, SMART transport stream monitor and the MOSAIC multiviewer, ensure more effective problem solving, lower operational costs and an improved customer experience. SMART Lite is available in software-only, MOSAIC multiviewer is available as software-only or complete unit, SMART Pro is the total solution for broadcast industry monitoring, including hardware and SLA services. All products have been developed through years of experience and customer input. You can always contact us for a software demo or price information.



Zixi support!

Dualz announces Zixi as a new technology partner. All Dualz products now support Zixi inputs and outputs. Zixi is a software-based platform enabling reliable transmission of broadcast-quality HD video globally over unmanaged internet connections and private IP networks. Zixi patented technology uses advanced error correction techniques to manage jitter, packet loss, and latency to ensure error-free video transmission. Contact us for a demonstration! 

Introduction SMART DVB transport stream monitoring

Short introduction video and explanation about Dualz SMART DVB transport stream monitoring and multiviewer.

Dualz Solutions web shop

Visit our web shop in order to purchase Dualz software licenses or cloud services directly. The fastest way to get up and running with our new software and services! Also, keep an eye on the  Dualz web shop to see our sales actions, and profit on attractive discounts.

CLEVER EPG generation in the cloud!

Start your PSI/SI generator in the cloud now! Up and running within 10 minutes, multiple transport streams in a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Just stop the service when you don’t need it, and you don’t pay extra costs.  Generate your EPG schedule automatically, and keep your services up to date as far as scheduled (and present /following) events are concerned. Visit the Dualz company site at Amazon AWS marketplace and select ‘CLEVER PSI/SI generator’.

Product release: MOSAIC 3.0.2 with NDI support!

We are happy to announce MOSAIC release 3.0.2. Among other features and fixes now with NDI support. View all your NDI sources in your network on your video wall, or stream the multiviewer output over your LAN. All standard features (VU meters, horizontal VU, full screen option, round robin, etc.)  are also available for NDI sources.

New product: SMART-MV-20

SMART-MV-20 is an enhanced multiviewer, combined with 24/7 analysis and in-depth monitoring of your DVB transport streams. Get Notified in case something happens. Configure your setup and view alarm logs using remote or local GUI.

This introduction video gives a high level overview of SMART-MV20. Sit back and relax, in about 7 minutes you know all about the SMART-MV-20 product.

New product: BRIGHT Toolbox

Dualz BRIGHT tool box is a set of audio/video applications for various use cases. You can build your chain of audio and video paths, from and to any input protocol. Create your gateways from any input to any other input (IP, ASI, HLS, RTSP, DVB-SS/T/C, …). Configure features like demultiplexing, transcoding or just record your streams to disk storage. All application have built in analyzers, you can view all stream status from remote using the web client user interfaces.

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MOSAIC is a multiviewer showing video tiles with VU meters, and audio/video loss indication. Features like round robin pages, penalty box, preset layout selection, output streaming and transport streaming recording.
DVB and OTT streams (UPD, HLS, DASH, RTSP, SRT, NDI, ....)

CLEVER EPG generator

Electronic Program Guide (EPG) can be generated by the Dualz “CLEVER” PSI/SI Generator conform MPEG and DVB standards. Generated tables include PAT, PMT, CAT, BAT, NIT, SDT, EIT pf/scheduled, others and more. Dualz PSI/SI Generator imports data from several interfaces, from file (XML) or REST API interfaces.
software or appliance

SMART PRO TS monitoring

SMART Pro is our broadcast industry solution for 24/7 transport stream monitoring, available as complete systems, distributed, database, gateway and web clients. SLA services, training and commissioning can be provided.
DVB streams (IP, ASI, DVB-T/C/S, SRT)
software or appliance