Multiviewers, monitoring & stream generation

Dualz offers multiple product lines in DVB and OTT domain. Analyzers, monitoring solutions, multiviewers, as well as recording solutions, transcoders, stream gateways and transport stream generators.

SMART TS monitoring

DVB monitoring & multiviewer


All protocol multiviewer

CLEVER EPG generator

PSI / SI generator.

HLS monitoring

HLS analyzer and monitoring

24/7 Analysis, monitoring and multiviewer

Do you need live monitoring and analysis of DVB or OTT streams? Our products are the solutions you need. It is of vital importance for broadcasters that programs are aired properly. Our products, SMART transport stream monitor and the MOSAIC multiviewer, ensure more effective problem solving, lower operational costs and an improved customer experience. SMART Lite is available in software-only, MOSAIC multiviewer is available as software-only or complete unit, SMART Pro is the total solution for broadcast industry monitoring, including hardware and SLA services. All products have been developed through years of experience and customer input. You can always contact us for a software demo or price information.