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Dualz Solutions BV

Dualz Solutions has over twenty years of experience in software architecture, design and engineering, with main expertise in the domain of digital video and linear broadcast. Dualz has developed multiple software solutions in the digital video area, our own product folio as well as in outsourcing projects for our customers. Customers of Dualz products are NEP, Talpa, BVN, M7, Danmon, RTC, Arqiva, and more.

Dualz Solutions office:
Witvrouwenbergweg 12
5711 CN Someren
The Netherlands

Technology partners


In addition to product development, Dualz offers high-quality projects based on software outsourcing in conjunction with qualified senior software developers. This means that Dualz tailors software to your specific needs. Dualz is your perfect business partner because of our major expertise in the field of software engineering in general, as well as specific knowledge in the field of digital video. We have major experience on C++, C#, Visual Studio, Qt, Dektec DTAPI, DirectShow, Mainconcept, Medialooks, BlackMagic, Magewell, FFMPEG, and lots more … We work with the latest technology and processes and we are experts in CI/CD/DevOps.


SMART, MOSAIC, BRIGHT, CLEVER  are product lines in the area of  quality monitoring, analysis, recording and generation of digital video/audio streams. Dualz also developed some other tools in the area of digital video. You can find all the information on this website.

You can purchase sw-only or appliance models from us. lifetime licenses or monthly descriptions. Visit AWS marketplace for Dualz solutions in the cloud.


Dualz management board

CEO and co-founder Stefan van Zoggel:
Born on March, 3rd 1971, graduated in 1994 from Technical University Eindhoven in Computer Science, specialized in Computer Graphics. Stefan is software architect / engineer with main expertise in the domain of digital video and linear broadcast. He worked via recruitment company Atos Origin on projects for Oce, Philips PDSL, Philips Digital Video Systems, NXP, FEI, and more. Here he learned a lot about  video architectures (linear and streaming), set top boxes, and transport stream generation. Stefan started Dualz Software in 2006 and developed SAM/SMART TS monitoring and MOSAIC multiviewer. Via Dualz, he also worked on outsourcing projects for Barco, Seachange (CASIS) and TP Vision. He worked on EPG/PSI generators, DSMCC carousels and AES/RSA encryption and decryption solutions in the DVB domain. Programming skills are C#, and C++, both Linux, Windows as well as cross platform. Domain technologies FFMPEG, GStreamer, DirectShow, LibVLC. Codecs Mpeg2, Mpeg4, H.264, H.265, HEVC. Transport protocols TSoIP, SRT, Zixi, RTSP, RTMP, NDI, UDP/RTP, HLS and more. Specialized in encoding, decoding, transcoding, encryption, recording, analysis, monitoring, and meta data generation/analysis. Roles he worked in vary from architect, developer, scrum master, product owner, team lead, and more. Processes in Agile, DevOps, and Waterfall models. Devices/boards expertise in Blackmagic (ATEM/Decklink), Dektec, Magewell.

CEO and co-founder Marcel van Zoggel:
Born on August 20 1967, graduated (cum laude) in 1989 from Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven. Marcel is senior software architect / engineer. He has designed and implemented a custom (company wide) ERP system for a medium sized industrial company. As a member of the management team, he designed and implemented a custom Balanced Score Card solution.  Working for Impeq Technologies, he designed and implemented a MPEGTS (transport stream) analyzer, monitor and multiviewer. For Axon Digital Design, he was responsible for the architecture, design and implementation of SMART-DVB, also a analyzer/monitor/multiviewer in the DVB domain, which was extended with SCTE-35, Dolby, DVB-T2, HEVC, UHD, DVB Subtitles, Teletext Subtitles, Multilanguage support etc. More recent projects involved micro services, cloud solutions and Iot4.0 projects. For multiple clients, elasticsearch and influxdb/grafana solutions have been designed and implemented. Latest technologies where used like Docker, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, Logstash, InfluxDB2, Grafana, Packer, Terraform etc. Worked intensively with Amazone Web Services (AWS) like EC2, IAM, EKS, ECS, S3, Route 53, RDS, Cloudformation, CloudFront, Lambda and more. For an industrial company designed and implemented Iot4.0 solutions, which combine touchscreen factory floor autmomation with webbased frontends for OEE management information. Technologies used are PLC programming (Wago), MQTT, Modbus, NodeRed, ASP.Net Blazor Server, Blazor Webassembly.
CEO and co-founder Stephane van Hardeveld:
Born on December 30, 1967, graduated in 1994 from the Technical University Eindhoven in Technical Development Sciences, specialized in Computer Sciences. Stephane is  Software architect / engineer with expertise in a variety of technical software development. He started his career at Philips, with the development of part of the Philips DVD Authoring suite, particularly the multiplexer part. Later, Stephane started a new company with a colleague in 2000, creating an authoring tool and a software player for streaming media over Internet. This tool developed over the years in an E-Learning application for the construction world, in combination with Construction Media (De Bouwbox). The last 12 years he has focused on developing an E-Health Care application, with secure video communication, secure camera monitoring and client management. Applications have been developed with a small team of software developers, with skills ranging from C/C++ to PHP/HTML. Stephane was the Team manager and the Software Architect for this project. Applications were created for Databalk, Mextal and TKH, and ran on embedded Linux, Windows desktop and Settop boxes and Android and iOS devices. Technologies used and developed were (S)RTP, live grabbing, encoding, decoding and rendering, encryption protocols based on RSA and AES, and later porting WebRTC to various platforms