Dualz product demonstration

Cloud solutions

Did you know we have all our products available  in the cloud? Visit the Dualz Solutions page in Amazon AWS marketplace. Full licensed and unlimited use of our software products in a pay-as-you-go pricing model. No additional costs. Just try it! 

Demonstration / Trial software

This page lists our software products, contact us to get a demonstration.


  • Do you need multiviewer tiles, vu meters, visual audio/video loss indication, round robin mode, penalty box, mv output streaming and sample recording, then MOSAIC suits your requirements. OTT as well as DVB streams.
  • All input protocols

BRIGHT HLS analyzer

HLS Analyzer
  • Do you need to analyze your HLS streams in 24×7 mode? Select our HLS analyzer product. Issues in the streams shall be notified and visible via web user interface. Windows/linux. – No multiviewer

SMART DVB monitoring

Analysis, 24/7 monitoring & multiviewer
  • Do you need transport stream analysis (multiple streams) , 24/7 monitoring, alarm notification, enhanced multiviewer, subtitles, teletext, GPU decoding, database, webclients, web streams, HEVC, SLA services and much more, then our SMART/MOSAIC PRO product will be the best solution.
  • 24x7 monitoring and enhanced multiviewer

Dualz mini box

Small form factor device
  • Dualz mini box is a small form factor device with a specific DVB or OTT function. A small factor device, easy to transport and user friendly interaction. Just plugin in the network cable in your streaming network, and via your phone or tablet, you can access the mini box via its built in access point and web page.

BRIGHT IP recorder

24/7 recording
  • Do you need to record your streams? With BRIGHT, you can build your recording solution, included scheduling and lowres recordings.

BRIGHT Toolbox

Audio/video applications
  • The BRIGHT toolbox is a useful set of audio/video applications, like analyzers, gateways, recorders, transcoders and more.... The engine can run in Linux or Windows, the remote UI is a Windows application that can run anywhere in your LAN or WAN.

CLEVER PSI/SI generator

PSI/SI and EPG generation
  • CLEVER PSI/SI generator prepares and 24×7 delivers your DVB transport stream metadata. Static network and transport stream setup as well as Electronic Program Guide (EPG) information. It supports interfaces for event injection via the EIT generator.

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