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DVB Multiviewer

SMART TSoIP/DVB multiviewer

What is DVB?

DVB, which stands for Digital Video Broadcasting, is a set of international standards for digital television (DTV) transmission. It encompasses a range of specifications covering various aspects of digital television broadcasting, including encoding, modulation, transmission, and reception. DVB standards are developed and maintained by the DVB Project, an industry consortium comprising broadcasters, manufacturers, network operators, and regulatory bodies. Select SMART DVB multiviewer as your solution.

Comprehensive DVB Monitoring

SMART DVB Multiviewer offers an advanced multichannel monitoring solution, empowering broadcasters and network operators to oversee multiple streams simultaneously. With the ability to monitor numerous channels on a single screen, operators can efficiently manage diverse content sources with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

ETR290 TR290 DVB Multiviewer
SMART DVB Multiviewer

Visual Alarm Notification for Instant Issue Detection

Equipped with visual alarm notification, SMART DVB Multiviewer enables operators to quickly identify and respond to anomalies within transport streams. Whether it’s signal degradation, service interruptions, or compliance breaches, visual alerts ensure prompt action, minimizing downtime and optimizing viewer experience across multichannel, multilanguage audio environments.

Advanced DVB Subtitles and Teletext Integration

SMART DVB Multiviewer integrates advanced support for DVB subtitles and teletext, facilitating accurate evaluation of text-based content across multiple channels. By seamlessly incorporating subtitles and teletext within the monitoring interface, operators can ensure accessibility and quality across diverse broadcasting environments.

Enhanced Support for Multichannel and Multilanguage Audio

With SMART DVB Multiviewer, operators can seamlessly analyze multilanguage audio streams across various channels. This feature ensures comprehensive assessment of audio quality, synchronization, and compliance for each language, catering to multicultural audiences and enhancing the viewing experience across multiple languages.

Streamlined Monitoring and Analysis

Streamlining monitoring and analysis processes, SMART DVB monitoring solution consolidates multiple channels, languages, and text-based content into a single interface. Operators can efficiently oversee critical parameters such as bitrate, audio/video synchronization, and service availability, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring compliance across diverse broadcasting landscapes.

Elevate Your Monitoring Experience with SMART DVB Multiviewer

Experience the pinnacle of monitoring excellence with SMART DVB monitoring solution. With enhanced support for multichannel and multilanguage audio, advanced DVB subtitles and teletext integration, and visual alarm notfication, SMART DVB empowers broadcasters and network operators to maintain optimal service quality and compliance standards. Invest in SMART DVB and revolutionize your monitoring endeavors with confidence and precision.