Introduction videos

This page contains tutorial videos that might help to learn the basics of Dualz products and services. We recommend to start with the first introduction video in order to see the complete product in one overview. View the specific feature videos below, in order to know more about the details. If you need more information, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

SMART TRansport stream monitoring

SMART DVB User Interface / Quick Tour

Introduction to MOSAIC multiviewer

Dualz products in the cloud on AWS

Introduction to HLS analyzer

Introduction CLEVER PSI/SI

MOSAIC in the cloud on AWS

Introduction to BRIGHT Toolbox

MOSAIC features

alarm notification


Editor introduction

Configure service names in display

Setup multiviewer using autofill

Switch configuration

Double click full screen

Add HLS streams

Load 4×4 and autofill

Seamless video switch

Web stream

Enable/disable VU meters

Multichannel audio and horizontal VU

Channel recording

NDI support

SMART TS monitoring features

EITp/f in multiviewer

Service level settings

Multiviewer setup

SMART installation

Run SMART demo

TS level settings

Video level settings

Audio level settings

Query license

Add transport stream

Start analyzing all services

Packet view

SCTE35 views

SMART multiviewer autofill

Video views

TR290 view

Audio views

Compare SI PSI snapshot

EIT scheduled EPG

Multiviewer presets

CLEVER SI/PSI generator features

Introduction to CLEVER SI/PSI generator

How to inject events

EPG generation in the cloud