Dualz mini DVB IP recorder

Dualz Solutions presents a portable Dualz Mini IP Recorder. With this device, you will be able to record a stream anywhere in your network. Just plug in this device, open the interface on your mobile phone, and start recording to a USB thumb drive. When you are ready, remove the USB thumb drive, and check these streams offline in your analyzer of choice, for instance our Dualz SMART DVB Probe.

"Every engineer should have one!"

The Mini box has no connectivity to the outside world, other than the recording on USB drive, and internal WI-FI access point for control UI. The device is working in a closed environment without LAN/WAN access to your streaming network.

Key characteristics

  • IP input via RJ-45
  • Sanity checks on the input (CC errors, Service view) with history
  • USB thumb drive (USB 3.x)
  • Power over Ethernet*
  • Access device user interface via Wi-Fi on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop
  • 24/7 recording

*Note: Power over Ethernet only available with supporting hardware.


  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) : you will receive an ISO, purchase a license.
  • Order a Dualz Mobile Recorder appliance, ready for use


  • Trial: BYOD one month trial license: Free
  • BYOD: Permanent license for ISO: Euro 99,-
  • Dualz Mobile Recorder appliance, includes permanent license: Euro 250,-

Also OEM is possible, your company logo on the box, ask for the possibilities!