SMART DVB multiviewer

SMART DVB is our broadcast industry solution for 24/7 transport stream monitoring, available as complete systems, distributed, database, gateway and web clients. SLA services, training and commissioning can be provided. Supports DVB streams (IP, ASI, DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2/C). Use Dualz SRT gateway to support SRT inputs in listener or caller mode. SMART supports enhanced teletext views, and TT and DVB subtitling in the multiviewer.
+ Detailed analysis and alarm monitoring

Features smart

  • TS monitoring against known good template
  • TR 101.290 prio 1/2/3
  • Video black frame/freeze frame monitoring
  • Audio level and silence monitoring
  • Loudness monitoring
  • Subtitle monitoring
  • EPG monitoring
  • Monitor the health of your conditional access
  • Bitrate monitoring
  • Deep analysis of all signaling and content
  • Drag and drop multiviewer
  • Service demux and streaming
  • Alarm aggregation and remote control tool
  • Reporting tool
  • Database holding alarm and metadata info
  • Webviews for status display
  • Supports TSoIP, UDP, RTP, SRT
  • DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2. DVB-C, ASI
  • SCTE-35 analysis
  • Subtitling and Teletext
  • Multiview as web stream
  • Multiview on tablet or mobile
  • SLA services, one year included

MOSAIC DVB/OTT multiviewer

MOSAIC is an ‘any input protocol’ multiviewer showing video tiles with VU meters, and audio/video loss indication. Features like round robin pages, penalty box, preset layout selection, output streaming and transport stream recording. Supports DVB and OTT streams (UDP, RTP, SRT, NDI, HLS, DASH, RTSP, …). MOSAIC can also be used as CCTV camera viewer. As part of the surveillance system, the multiviewer can show multiple IP cameras simultaneously.
– Very basic alarm notification (no measurements).

Features MOSAIC

  • Mpeg2, Mpeg4, H.264, HEVC, …
  • Audio/video loss notification
  • Web client status view
  • SRT support on output
  • CCTV viewer
  • Surveillance monitoring
  • Round robin modes
  • Penalty box
  • VU meters
  • Multichannel audio
  • Preset selection
  • Double click – full screen
  • Low latency
  • MOSAIC output streaming
  • GPU based decoding (hw acceleration)
  • HDMI inputs (max 4)
  • HD SDI inputs (max 4)
  • Multiview as web stream
  • Multiview on tablet or mobile

Introduction video SMART TS monitoring

Introduction video MOSAIC multiviewer

Multiviewer in the cloud

All Dualz products are available as cloud solutions. Fully licensed products in a ‘pay-as-you-go’ license model. Visit the Dualz site on AWS marketplace for more information.


The product pages on our web site and our manuals on this site provide more detailed information about our systems SMART and MOSAIC multi viewer.
For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us, or ask for a quote or free demonstration.