SMART DVB monitoring & multiviewer

SMART DVB Transport Stream monitoring. Monitors your DVB stream 24/7, comes with an enhanced multiviewer, supporting teletext and DVB subtitling. Available as of-the-shelve products (SMART-MV-20 or SMART-MV-40), or let us design and build your complete monitoring solution.


MOSAIC is an all protocol IP multiviewer. Any input is supported (UDP,RTP,HLS,DASH, RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, SRT, NDI, ....) Extend the MOSAIC multiviewer, with our Dektec front end tools in BRIGHT toolbox, in order to support ASI, RF DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, ATSC, ISDB-T as well.

BRIGHT Toolbox

BRIGHT audio/video Toolbox is a set of useful tools to create your a/v applications, like gateways, recorders and analyzers. For example, you can build your HLS analyzer or compliance recorder solution with BRIGHT toolbox.

Dualz mini box

Dualz mini box is a small form factor device with a specific DVB or OTT function. A small factor device, easy to transport and user friendly interaction. Just plugin in the network cable in your streaming network, and via your phone or tablet, you can access the mini box via its built in access point and web page.

BRIGHT HLS analyzer

BRIGHT HLS analyzer monitors your streams 24×7, and notifies on problems in the streams. Check your m3u8 url, and check whether chunks can be downloaded, and if they are updated in time. The downloaded chunks are checked on basic transport stream characteristics, like CC errors or missing PIDs.

BRIGHT IP recorder

BRIGHT IP recorder stores your streams in fixed size chunks 24×7, and notifies on problems in the streams, like CC errors or missing PIDs. Storage can be done locally on internal disks, or remotely. Multiple streams are recorded simultaneously.

CLEVER PSI/SI generation

CLEVER PSI/SI generator prepares and 24x7 delivers your DVB transport stream metadata. Static network and transport stream setup as well as Electronic Program Guide (EPG) information. It supports interfaces for event injection via the EIT generator.