IP recorder

Our Dualz IP recorder stores your streams in fixed size chunks 24×7, and notifies on problems in the streams, like CC errors or missing PIDs. Storage can be done locally on internal disks, or remotely. Multiple streams are recorded simultaneously.

During transport stream recording, the stream characteristics, as well as alarms are sent to the ‘measurement node’. The measurement node is a web server, running locally, or on a remote system. Via web client, the status and characteristics of the streams can be viewed in one overview.



Have a look at our mini recorder solution, a portable one channel TSoIP recorder, see Dualz mini DVB IP recorder. A small form factor device, plug in into your streaming network, and access via its internal access point. No other connections to the outside world creates a secure recording solutions. Chunks will be stored on USB or SSD drive.

IP recorder + MOSAIC

The central multiviewer editor configures all your video services over multiple screens in the network. Configure features like round robin mode, HW acceleration, Under Monitor Display, alarm notification and more. All from remote, in your company network or over internet.


The Dualz probe, server application, runs in Linux and Windows. The client user interface runs in Windows.

For more information, free software demonstration or a detailed quotation, please contact us.