SMART SCTE-35 monitoring

SMART DVB is a complete product line for visual analysis and monitoring for digital broadcast distribution system operators. SMART DVB delivers comprehensive insight of operational integrity and stream availability through monitoring, analyzing and recording stream content, its parameters, standards compliance and service configurations.


Splice insertion

Analog broadcasting used a special audio tone called DTMF to signal the ad time slot. In digital broadcasting,  SCTE-35 is used. SCTE-35 packets are multiplexed in video and audio streams in the DVB transport stream. The syntax of the payload is so-called splice_info_section() and splice_insert() command.

Specific SCTE-35 views in SMART

In the transport stream and servicew overview on the left side, a component containing SCTE cue tones can be selected. On the right side the specific SCTE-35 views are shown.