SMART DVB is a complete product line for visual analysis and monitoring for digital broadcast distribution system operators. SMART DVB delivers comprehensive insight of operation integrity and stream availability through monitoring, analysing and recording stream content, its parameters, standard compliance and service configurations.

Datasheet SMART-MV-40


SMART-MV-20 is an enhanced multiviewer, combined with 24/7 analysis and in-depth monitoring of your DVB transport streams. Get Notified in case something happens. Configure your setup and view alarm logs using remote or local GUI,

Introduction video: SMART DVB monitoring

Hardware suggestion

  • Server 2U, 8Core-I9-9900K
  • 250 GB SSD
  • 2x GeForce GT 1050 2G LP
  • 32GB – DDR4
  • 2 x network port
  • Windows 10 PRO 64bit.
  • 4 output heads

When DVB performance matters, make the SMART choice!