CLEVER PSI/SI Generation

PSI/SI and EPG generation

Linear broadcast services require Program Specific Information/System Information (PSI/SI) as an essential part of the stream. Tuning information as well as Electronic Program Guide (EPG) can be generated by the Dualz “CLEVER” PSI/SI Generator. The Dualz PSI/SI Generator conforms MPEG and DVB standards. Generated tables include PAT, PMT, CAT, BAT, NIT, SDT, EIT pf/scheduled and more. Dualz PSI/SI Generator imports data from several interfaces, from file (XML) or REST API interfaces.

user interface

The CLEVER PSI/SI user interface allows the input of transport streams. Define a list of networks, transport streams, services, components and events. Define all specific data and descriptors, as well as all reserved or user defined fields. In demo or lite version, the PSI/SI cycler is included and can be started and stopped directly from UI. In PRO version, the engine runs headless, and the UI can be opened when needed.


The CLEVER PSI/SI engine supports event interfaces on service level. Via XML or JSON the event information can be published. Drop your xml files on the system itself, and they will be published in the transport stream. Or use our remote Event Injection software to get your files and let the software push the events in the correct format to the CLEVER engine. Watch the video to learn more about EPG injection.


Do you wish a 24×7 Linux or Windows PSI/SI Generator solution? Our engine software implementation is cross platform, and can either run  in Linux or Windows.  You can choose between on-premise or cloud solution for TS generation. The user interface can run remotely, and can be closed while the system continues generating the 24×7 TS output stream.

EPG and PSI/SI monitoring

The outgoing transport stream can be analyzed or monitored 24×7 by our SMART TS analyzer. Be notified in case EPG gaps occur, when present or following event is missing, or when something else is wrong in the transport stream. Hundreds of measurement on bitrates, TR290, timing, PSI/SI snapshots and more.

Cloud solutions

CLEVER PSI/SI generator is available as cloud solution on Amazon AWS. Use the fully licensed product in a ‘pay-as-you-go’ license model. Just visit Dualz on the AWS marketplace. No additional costs for licenses.