SMART video tutorials

On this page, you’ll find the SMART quick tour video as well as multiple tutorial videos showing several features of the SMART TS monitoring software.

If you want to learn the SMART solution0, take 6 and a half minutes, sit back, relax, and let us tell you about the main features in a quick overview, click the video on the right side, called “SMART intrpduction video”.

If you want to learn more detail a specific feature, select a video below.

SMART introduction video

Enhanced multiviewer (sample)

Run SMART demo

Multiviewer setup

Video level settings

TS level settings

Audio level settings

Add transport stream

Start analyzing all services

Packet view

SCTE35 views

SMART multiviewer autofill

Video views

TR290 view

Audio views

Packet view

Query license

Run SMART demo

Compare SI PSI snapshot

Multiviewer presets

SMART installation

SMART-MV-20 appliance